The County of Will, IllinoisRhonda R. Novak, CIAO/I
The County of Will, Illinois
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Will County Supervisor of Assessments Forms
County Board of Review Forms
Authority To Represent Owner
Board Of Review Appeal Disclosure Form
Commercial/Industrial Appeal Form
Farm Appeal Form
Residential Appeal Form
Residential Appeal Instructions
Forms for Disabled Individuals
PTAX-343 Application for Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption
PTAX-343-A Physician's Statement for Disabled Persons
PTAX-343-R Annual Renewal of Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption
Forms for Senior Citizens
PTAX-324 Senior Citizen Exemption
PTAX-340 Senior Citizens Freeze Homestead Application
Forms for Veterans
Consent To Release Information
PTAX-341 Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption
PTAX-342 Application for Disabled Veterans' Standard Homestead Exemption
PTAX-342-R Annual Verification of Eligibility for Disabled Veterans
PTAX-763 Application and Affidavit for Veterans Organization Assessment Freeze
Fraternal Organizations
PTAX-764 Application and Affidavit for IRC 501(c)(10) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
PTAX-765 Application and Affidavit for IRC 501(c)(8) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
PTAX-766 Application and Affidavit for IRC 501(c)(2), (c)(8), or (c)(10) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
Miscellaneous Forms
Disaster Area Application
Disclosure Form
Farm Affidavit
Farm Interest Letter
FOIA Request Form
Lease Agreement General Homestead Exemption
Petition to Divide or Consolidate Property
Preferential Exemption Farm Assessment Application
PTAX-334 Application - Open Space Purposes Application
Public Act 96-480
Model Homes
PTAX-762 Application - Model Home Assessment
PTAX-762-C Application - Certificate of Ineligibility Model Home Assessment
State Property Tax Appeal Forms - More:
PTAB - Commerical Appeal
PTAB - Farm Appeal
PTAB - Industrial Appeal
PTAB - Residential Appeal
PTAB 15 - Addendum to Petition
PTAB 19 - Condominium Addendum
Tax Exempt
Example Affidavit of Use
Example of $100,000 letter
PTAX-300 Application for Non-homestead Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300-FS Application for Federal/State Agency Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300-H Application for Hospital Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300-H Application Schedule A
PTAX-300-H Application Schedule E
PTAX-300-HA Recommended Draft-Affidavit for Hospital Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300-R Application for Religious Property Tax Exemption

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