The County of Will, IllinoisRhonda R. Novak, CIAO/I
The County of Will, Illinois
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Will County Supervisor of Assessments Forms
County Board of Review Forms
Authority To Represent Owner
Board Of Review Appeal Disclosure Form
Commercial/Industrial Appeal Form
Farm Appeal Form
Residential Appeal Form
Residential Appeal Instructions
Forms for Disabled Individuals
PTAX-343 Application for Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption
PTAX-343-A Physician's Statement for Disabled Persons
PTAX-343-R Annual Renewal of Disabled Persons' Homestead Exemption
Forms for Senior Citizens
PTAX-324 Application for Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption
PTAX-340 Senior Citizens Freeze Homestead Application
Forms for Veterans
Consent To Release Information
PTAX-341 Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption
PTAX-342 Application for Disabled Veterans' Standard Homestead Exemption
PTAX-342-R Annual Verification of Eligibility for Disabled Veterans
PTAX-763 Application - Affidavit for Veterans Organization Assessment
Fraternal Organizations
PTAX-764 Application and Affidavit for IRC 501(c)(10) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
PTAX-765 Application - Affidavit for IRC 501 (c) (8) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
PTAX-766 Application - Affidavit for IRC (c) (2), (c) (8), (c) (10) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
Miscellaneous Forms
Disaster Area Application
Disclosure Form
FOIA Request Form
Petition to Divide or Consolidate Property
PTAX-334 Application - Open Space Purposes Application
Public Act 96-480
Model Homes
PTAX-762 Application - Model Home Assessment
PTAX-762-C Application - Certificate of Ineligibility Model Home Assessment
State Property Tax Appeal Forms - More:
PTAB - Commerical Appeal
PTAB - Farm Appeal
PTAB - Industrial Appeal
PTAB - Residential Appeal
PTAB 15 - Addendum to Petition
PTAB 19 - Condominium Addendum
Tax Exempt
PTAX-300 Application - Non-Homestead Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300-FS Application for Federal/State Property Tax Exemption
PTAX-300H - Hospital Property Tax Exempt
PTAX-300R Religious Application - Non-Homestead Property Tax Exemption (Churches, Religious Charities, etc.)

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