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We are your official source for property assessments and exemption information. Our knowledgeable staff takes pride in our ability to offer you the most accurate and up-to-date statutory guidelines with all of your assessment, exemption, appeal and any other property tax information and concerns.

2023 is a Quadrennial Year

“In counties having the township form of government and with less than 3,000,000 in habitants, the general assessment years shall be 1995 and every fourth year thereafter.” (35 ILCS 200/9-125)

Will County’s general assessment year takes place this year in 2023. That means every property in Will County will receive a “Revised Assessment Notice”. You can view your property’s revised assessment in a few ways:

• A “Revised Assessment Notice” was mailed to you dated 08/09/2023.

• The revised assessments were published in local newspapers on 08/09/2023 and 08/10/2023.

• The revised assessments were published on our website on 08/09/2023.

Please contact your Local Township Assessor before filing a formal complaint to determine if an adjustment can made.
Oftentimes speaking with the Local Assessor can avoid a formal complaint.

2023 Board of Review Information

The time window to file an appeal with the Will County Board of Review is August 9, 2023 through September 11, 2023.

Board of Review hearings will be ongoing through the end of the year. Please continue to utilize the Will County Board of Review Portal for up-to-date information regarding your appeal.

Visit the Will County Board of Review Portal website here: https://borappeals.willcountysoa.com.

The Board of Review Hearings Schedule will be posted here: https://www.willcountysoa.com/section/2023-BOR-Scheduled-Hearings.


2023 Exemption Renewals

Exemption renewals were mailed out April 14th.
For residents that require an annual exemption renewal and who applied for exemptions previously, you will receive your renewal application by mail.

Residents interested in their eligibility for a property tax exemption may call our office at (815) 740-4648 or head over to the "Exemptions" heading under the Section Menu.


2023 Exemption Events

We are hosting multiple exemption events throughout Will County this summer! Please click below to find an event near you:

~ View the 2023 Exemption Events Schedule ~

These events offer additional assistance in submitting an exemption application in a convenient location near you! If you cannot make an event, feel free to visit your local township assessor, apply in our office, or send in your application by mail.


Turning 65 this year?

Do you own and occupy your home in Will County as your primary residence? You may be eligible for the Senior Citizen’s Homestead Exemption!
Please download an application and mail it to our office at:

Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office
302 N. Chicago Street
Joliet, IL 60432

- OR -  Call the SOA office at (815) 740-4648 for more information.



Questions regarding your Property Tax Bill?

Please contact the Will County Treasurer!

Website: www.willcountytreasurer.com

Phone: (815) 740-4675


The Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office governs every aspect of the assessment process, acting as a central resource for its county's residents. We believe that our primary responsibility is to the taxpayers, and we are committed to ensure that all county residents receive fair and equitable assessments. We are also dedicated to making sure that eligible taxpayers are receiving the beneficial exemptions they are entitled to; all with the utmost courteous and respectful service. The Supervisor of Assessments Office is also committed to promoting taxpayers education and involvement in the assessment process through open discussion forums, informational meetings, and community outreach endeavors. The valuations for 2022 are for the assessment year of 2022, payable in 2023. This means that the assessment you are looking at is for this year's upcoming tax bill. The tax rates for this year have not been established yet. The Supervisor of Assessments does not establish tax rates (tax rates are established by local taxing bodies). However, you can search our website for the most current assessments using our Property Search Portal, where you can conduct property searches by PIN, property address, and more.

For an explanation on tax rates, please visit the Will County Clerk's Office.

For any additional tax bill questions visit the Will County Treasurer's Office.

For additional Will County Departments, click here.

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